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Sneaky Peaky : Meet the *A* family

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional and Event  Photographer


I love this family!  They are so sweet and kind!  When people see this photo they say… “Where on earth is THAT?  That cannot be in Maricopa!”  I have to smile and tell them… uh huh!  😉


Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Great Portrait Event!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional and Event  Photographer



Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Another DSG shot!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional and Event  Photographer


Okay Amy!  Here you go!  I know you have been looking every hour on the hour!  I am sorry!  Here is your team!!!!


Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Sneaky Peaky : Meet the DSG Girls!

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

 Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional and Event  Photographer

I know Miss Amy is DYING to see these and I had to get a couple online tonight.  Today we had a recital at Desert Star Gymnastics.  You should check them out!     Today was themed FLIP INTO FALL.  We designed the brochure and were the official photographer of the event.  These kids had a blast and it was so cute to see them strutting their stuff.  It is amazing to see how much they have learned in the past year!

Amy is an incredible teacher.  Not only does she take the time to teach proper technique but she actually cares for each and every one of these children!  It is just so darn refreshing!  Her events are so stress free that it is surprisingly not like work at all!  I am so glad that I am dedicating my kids and my business with you this year!  THANKS AMY!  I know how much you do for the community and I know how hard you work!  We appreciate you too! 

When you are done checking them out on the web, be sure to run over and check out their gym at the Stage Stop Marketplace (white building on Maricopa Casa Grande HWY)  You will be glad you did!


(The little girl in the pink… she was not in the recital this year, but she was soooo stinking cute I just HAD to take photos of her!)




Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Sneaky Peaky : Meet the *S* Family

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional and Commercial Photographer



I am sooooo behind on posting to my blog.  I am sorry for all of you that have followed religiously and I have let you down.  I am so overwhelmed with the amount of people that have been coming in to do family sessions and Christmas sessions that I just cannot keep up!  I do have a couple cancellations in Novemeber (due to illness) that I can squeeze you in .. because let’s face it we all know I just cannot say no!  I have so many clients telling me… Amy where is my sneak peek?  I am soooo sorry guys!  It is all I can do to get you shot and delivered on time!  The blog has to wait!


This big boy was so sweet.  I have not met a boy that reminded me of my son in AGES.  He was sooo interested in how my sprayer worked that he had to figure it all out until he could use it to drink out of it!  Hahah.  Thankfully we put RO water in it so it was all good!  He LOVED to spray me and I think he even loved that at my place you can jump and stand on the furniture!  I know I WOULD! 

So enough of me…. see some of them!






Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Sneaky Peaky : Meet some crazy fun Christians!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional and Commercial Photographer


So I was invited to shoot a  group of fun loving and awesome Christians that needed some shots for their CD and website.  So I traveled to a house in Mesa so that we can use their lovely piano and make it easier for all to be able to have dinner and fun.  What a bunch of talented people!  Besides that they are super photogenic, they were super talented with their voices and talent behind the piano!

Cheryl is a repeat client… and one I adore!  I am pleased to see them again and again!  Hope you enjoy their photos as much as I have!






Hugs and Luvs~Amy


Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Child and Family  Photographer


WAS A BLAST!  The kids had so much fun and money was raised for kids in need in Maricopa!  Thanks for coming out and seeing us at our booth!  And donating to a good cause!


Don’t laugh!  these were taken with my tiny point and shoot camera!




Hugs and Luvs~Amy


Friday, October 23rd, 2009


Join us tomorrow at Maricopa’s Sonic from 10am-2pm for fun, prizes, and free rootbeer floats!


Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Oh my! I forgot to post! and Meet *A*

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Child and Family  Photographer


We have been  so swamped so I hope people have been feeling the same!  haha  Forgive us?

Founder’s Day was AWESOME… TWO lucky ladies received HUGE prizes for their belly bumps!  And lots of clients got to see their prints HUGE!  Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts during Founder’s Day and the days after!

Meet little *A*… she is SUCH a dollface!  I love her terribly!



Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Sneaky Peaky : Meet *S*

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional Headshot and Commercial Photography


This young man came to me to look ‘older’.  I told his wife (who is a friend of mine haha) that I don’t know if that is completely possible.  I mean here I am, a professional photographer who is in the business to make people look younger!  haha  The poor guy … I didn’t airbrush a thing.  And…. he still looks so young and sweet!


Hugs and Luvs~Amy