Already Missing the Excitement of Black Friday Shopping? {{wahooo!}}

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I know you get a lot of emails during the week and especially Black Friday!  Matt and I were troopers and spent the night shopping as a date!  Dennys at 4am is NOT good for my stomach!  HA!   We visited a few places that were fabulous.  NOT that I want to to be too crazy next year but SAM’s club serves breakfast and juice to their clients that come in at 5am and CVS is the best place to get items at a low cost without the crowds.  We went to Walmart at 12:15am and there were people in line for the 5am opening of the big ticket items.  But Walmart had it completely under control and it was well maintained.  Target had a line all the way past Hobby Lobby JUST to get in the door but the humdinger HAD to be Kohls or Toys R Us.  Both had lines wrapping around the entire store and people at the front checking out said they waited in line for over 2 hours JUST to purchase a couple toys for 70% off.   Personally I think it is a little nuts, but if you have the right outlook on the night and have the patience, then you are set.   I know that some families do this as a tradition every year and they have a blast.

I might entice Matt to go again next year if we have a sitter that does not mind camping out on our couch!  🙂  Today we are at the Festival Of Lights in Ahwatukee Foothills and here are the POST Black Friday sales we are offering there today in our booth!  If you can’t make it down, give us a call!  We can get you set up!






Terms and conditions available on request.  Sales and collections available for new clients.

Tootles!  Amy


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