Amy Jamieson Photography…Progress

The new site is far from done…but I have made great progress in understanding how WordPress works.  I am thankful that I have friends who are so helpful and supportive in this endeavor.  I am finally in the process of setting up pages and then I will need to cull through 20+ hard drives to find photo content and then find all the copy I need to get this thing off the ground.  Right now I am just ecstatic that my son and I figured out the CSS coding to get rid of a funky background that I absolutely did NOT like.  I was scared to mess with the coding and thankfully my son jumped right in to confirm what I was doing was right.  He is pretty awesome.  Sometimes you have to trust yourself.  I think I need to do that more.
Slowly… but surely… I will get this down.  It takes a backseat to my life and my job search.   Until then… don’t mind the dust…

     Welcome to Amy Jamieson Photography


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