Have you been WAITING???

Beside the computer in anticipation???? I have litterally looked at the votes one time since I started! I have been biting my nails! So I am sitting here counting up the votes and we have THREE that are REALLY close but…. Are you ready? A TIE between TWO babies! I am sitting here counting the tallies and I about DIED!

Runner up (a close third place!) was Baby number 3!

Tied for first place was baby #5 and baby #1!!! YEAH! Congrats guys! I will email you either tonight after dinner or tomorrow! You each win either a $50 print credit or a FREEEEE session with me!



2 Responses to “Have you been WAITING???”

  1. Bradley, Sarah & Little Hannah says:

    awe! wish i would have had internet access up north so i could have voted 🙁 Hope you and yours shared a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! we are still packing up the old home so I will be sure to drop by when we’re back to town. Slowly getting settled into the new home! Lots of work!

  2. Amy Jamieson Photography Blog says:

    Yeah I can’t believe it was a tie. The number of votes was just INSANE!

    Happy New Year to you too! I can’t wait to see photos of your new place!

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