Sneaky Peaky : Meet the *S* Family

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional and Commercial Photographer



I am sooooo behind on posting to my blog.  I am sorry for all of you that have followed religiously and I have let you down.  I am so overwhelmed with the amount of people that have been coming in to do family sessions and Christmas sessions that I just cannot keep up!  I do have a couple cancellations in Novemeber (due to illness) that I can squeeze you in .. because let’s face it we all know I just cannot say no!  I have so many clients telling me… Amy where is my sneak peek?  I am soooo sorry guys!  It is all I can do to get you shot and delivered on time!  The blog has to wait!


This big boy was so sweet.  I have not met a boy that reminded me of my son in AGES.  He was sooo interested in how my sprayer worked that he had to figure it all out until he could use it to drink out of it!  Hahah.  Thankfully we put RO water in it so it was all good!  He LOVED to spray me and I think he even loved that at my place you can jump and stand on the furniture!  I know I WOULD! 

So enough of me…. see some of them!






Hugs and Luvs~Amy


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