What a crazy week…


I hate to say that it is Wednesday and that I feel like my week has been a total loss so far, but when you hear the news I have this week, it is not surprising.

We really have a teen suicide issue in this country.  We have a significant problem with pressuring our children and making them feel less than loved, supported, or even appreciated when we push them too much.  A scholarship loss is NOT ever a reason to harm yourself.  There is so much more to live for in life than money.  Are our children not aware that it is final?  Or is it too late after making that impetuous decision to pull the trigger?  It is never too late (or too early!) to talk to your children about suicide.

I won’t drag this post on and depress you all the way I have been this week.  Please.  Hug your children.  Tell them that no matter WHAT they do in life (good or bad… and yes… even REALLY bad) you will love them to the moon and back.  You are ALWAYS their mother or father.  Teach their siblings to love and support each other.

Peace, love and laughter,



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