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Monday, December 29th, 2008


Okay so we went to Flag like usual… haha. Had a BLAST like usual. DH went down the hill like usual. And now he is sore…. LIKE USUAL! haha :0) I asked him… WHY DID YOU DO THAT? Well, he told me he was young and dumb. I laughed and he said… Yes, I am dumb. Poor bloke!
Here are a couple shots from vacation! I will pop in and out this week!

Parties are soo much fun!

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Oh I love parties! What is sooo fun is it is ALMOST as good to take photos of these cute little snack sized deserts as it is to EAT THEM!

Hahha… no I am sure they tasted better than JUST taking a photo, but I had to share some of the yummy treats! Now don’t go drooling all over my blog, ya hear???? bwahahaha :o)~

The oldest newborn EVER!

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Meet *A*! He is my oldest newborn I have EVER done! Haha… he was WIDE awake the whole time and DID not want to curl up like a 1 weeker does! Even my magic trick did not work with this little monkey! Oh well!!!!! He is STILL so stinking cute!!!! God Bless little babies!


Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! We are officially closed this week! So if you don’t see a lot of posts by me, that is why!
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a safe New Year!!!!!!
Enjoy this YUMMY weather we are having! I know I will!


Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

We went to the Nutcracker Ballet tonight! It was a BLAST! When we bought the tickets, Ticket Master said the best seats they had were Row 35 clear to the right! OH man… oh well! So when I got to the Dodge Theatre, I thought… can’t hurt to ask if we could upgrade, right? Uhmm yeah baby!

So we were told there were seats in the middle row 5! Works for me! The gentleman said well it is $40 more per ticket. I was like to see the Moscow Ballet? Uhmmm… Yeah like THAT was a hard decision! hahaha

So we get to our seats and we are thinking we will only have FIVE rows of heads in front of us? Uhmmm no! The rows STARTED at 5! We were FRONT ROW CENTER! Weeeeehoooooooo!

I know it was a torturous thought to my hubster but he tolerated it well and actually told me that he enjoyed it VERY MUCH!

Sigh…. sorry no photos, but you know it is intellectual property and copyrighted! Besides I was too busy watching their toes! :o)

They never believe you!

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

You know how you can compliment a really pretty girl and they always scoff? JUST once I want one to say… “I KNOW!” I think it would be sooo much fun and I would be sooo shocked I would burst out laughing!

This young lady has always been one of my ideals of pretty! You may all know her, as she is a friendly face with the chamber and the city!

Here you go Danielle! Your sneaky peak!

GOSH !!!

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

It has been NUTS! So we booked a private party for this Saturday… and I KNEW we were not going to be home all day because I also helped a fellow photog at the food bank Saturday morning so that the kids could have a picture with Santa and play in the jumpers and stuff while their parents were picking up food for Christmas. All of it was fun! But I am still trying to recover and get caught up!

The private party was a blast! A BLACK AND WHITE affair… meaning totally casual or formal, up to them! So we got a vast variety!

So here is the AWESOME part of the night! I didn’t know that this was ALSO a fundraiser for a local charity!

The DJ for the party tells everyone that he has donated $5 to the raffle and that he is donating $20 MORE… to encourage people to donate more money… So I donated $40. (Hehehe) Shelly, the party planner mentions it on the mic and embarrasses me! hahah Welllllllllllllll, toward the end of the night they start telling people it is the last call basically to donate money. Pull the change out of your pockets he says! It goes for a worthy cause! So I grab another $5 and stick it in the pot!

Keep in mind for all of you that know me…. I never EVER win raffles. My Hubster wins everything but I NEVER win those silly things. So… they do the drawing. And what number do they pull??? MINE! MINE MINE MINE! I am thinking YEAH!!!! I am gonna get a really cool Harley shirt or something totally fun! YEAH GO ME!

Uhmm No. It was like $400 in CASH! WHOA! I looked at my husband and said “We just cannot take that money!” He agreed and got the mic from Shelly and told the crowd, “We just cannot take this money. We would like to donate 100% of it BACK to the charity.”

OH MY GOSH! I cannot tell you how GOOD that felt! Here is the charity! Please visit them and give with your heart!

Oh yeah and a picture from the night as well! Sorry!

Out of order!

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Heheh these girls were sooo adorable today that I could not wait to put one of their images online! I know I have like 15 clients sitting up before these, but I wanted to share just one of these little sweetie pies!

Aren’t they adorable? And on my new sofa couch? Oh my! Sooo cute!

A Good Cause!

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

So one of my nearest and dearest sent me this! Take advantage of this deal! It has got some great stuff in it!!!!
Feel free to borrow this image of the cook books to help sell them by promoting them on YOUR site! The goal is to sell them by Christmas!
What a better gift! A tax deductible donation, 850 recipes AND! You are helping kids! YEAH!
850 recipes??!?! Oh yeah!!!!

A silly senior out take!

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Well, I really love this senior! She is such a sweetie and we adore her! We had so much fun! I have SOOO many out takes I could post on here that would make her look even sillier, but I just cannot do that to her! HA! Here is one from her indoor session. (*A* I have all of your outdoor shots done… just working on the studio portion now!)