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Saturday, October 8th, 2016

I FINALLY have my blog back up and running.  It may take me some time to get into the habit of posting again, but I am so excited to try.  I cannot tell you how much I have missed this and I think it will be an uplifting thing for me to maintain.  (Let’s hope I keep this momentum!)

Here is the updated business info… as I am trying to update the blog!



Another DSG shot!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional and Event  Photographer


Okay Amy!  Here you go!  I know you have been looking every hour on the hour!  I am sorry!  Here is your team!!!!


Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Sneaky Peaky : Meet the DSG Girls!

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

 Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional and Event  Photographer

I know Miss Amy is DYING to see these and I had to get a couple online tonight.  Today we had a recital at Desert Star Gymnastics.  You should check them out!     Today was themed FLIP INTO FALL.  We designed the brochure and were the official photographer of the event.  These kids had a blast and it was so cute to see them strutting their stuff.  It is amazing to see how much they have learned in the past year!

Amy is an incredible teacher.  Not only does she take the time to teach proper technique but she actually cares for each and every one of these children!  It is just so darn refreshing!  Her events are so stress free that it is surprisingly not like work at all!  I am so glad that I am dedicating my kids and my business with you this year!  THANKS AMY!  I know how much you do for the community and I know how hard you work!  We appreciate you too! 

When you are done checking them out on the web, be sure to run over and check out their gym at the Stage Stop Marketplace (white building on Maricopa Casa Grande HWY)  You will be glad you did!


(The little girl in the pink… she was not in the recital this year, but she was soooo stinking cute I just HAD to take photos of her!)




Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Calling all DSPA dancers and family!

Monday, August 10th, 2009

We have sent out the FACEBOOK blast, and I thought I had better post it here as well!  This is what our blast on FB said!

Hi people!

Getting the word out! Missed ordering group photos? Wanted more of your tiny dancer’s individual shots? NOW is your chance!

If you MISSED getting photos at the recital or want to reorder individuals… we are doing a new thing this year! I had a couple dancer’s and parents call with this small request, and you know what?!?!?! We are going to say YES! WE CAN DO THAT! We want everyone to be happy!

If you MISSED taking the photos, you can still have them done. Just email or call me and we will get your photos done. NO EXTRA CHARGE! It only takes 5 minutes, so we can get ya in sometime soon!

I will be submitting my portfolio order on September 1 st 2009… Please email me at to request gallery information to view your images both individual and group shots.

You can also call our office at (520) 568-5999



Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Desert Star Gymnastics and Sonic to showcase a National Team Member!

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Here are the details!  Make sure you are there!  Desert Star Gymnastics and Sonic are sponsoring a demonstration of National Team Member Allan Bower. Come to watch and have an awesome experience and then stay to eat dinner!  Join us on Saturday July 18th from 4-6 p.m.  This is some amazing stuff!



Here is a bit about him from the blog :


Junior Spotlight Allan Bower

The United States Olympic Training Center was host to America’s greatest and most talented junior gymnasts during the week of June 25th 2007. Our guests included USA Junior Champion Danell Leyva of Universal, who won his age group at the 2006 USA Championships. This presented the perfect opportunity to debut “Junior Spotlight.” It didn’t take long before I knew which athlete I wanted to have a chat with.It was the first day of the training camp and Allan Bower had made his presence known. In this instance it was hard work, listening to his coach, and demonstrating difficult skills flawlessly. I remember working out on High Bar with Allan; after every turn he would go up to his coach Chris Sommer, listen to everything he had to say, then focus on how to improve his next attempt. Allan does one of the most difficult skills on Parallel Bars where he starts in a Handstand, lets go with one hand, falls so his heals lead the way, does a total of one full turn and catches the bar blindly with his free hand. He not only makes the skill, he executes it as good as anyone I have seen in my career.Allan is twelve years old, and trains at Xtreme with Chris Sommer. He started doing gymnastics at the age of two in 1997. Allan is the oldest of three children, he has a brother Alex who is six years old, and Allison who is ten. A gymnastics family, as the three A’s, Allison, Alex, and Allan are currently in gymnastics. When Allan is not training he enjoys ridding his bike, and hanging out with friends. He also plays games on the computer, including Runescape. Other than gymnastics he likes to play football and basketball. The Phoenix Suns are his favorite NBA team. Allan’s Ultimate goals are to compete on World and Olympic Teams. As far as short term goals, he wants to continue learning big skills like a Kovacs on Horizontal Bar.Allan’s Accomplishments include 2006 Parallel Bars Champion, Silver on Parallel Bars in 2007, and Tenth in the All Around in 2007. I was extremely impressed when I got to see Allan Train during the National Team Camp. I am looking forward to watching this young man grow into what ever he wants to become in this sport. He has the talent, and work ethic to accomplish great things.

Hugs and Luvs~Amy

DSPA has another successful Recital

Monday, June 15th, 2009

These little dancers can just tug at your heart.  They did so great and looked so cute!

  This one’s momma does something really cool!  She is the proud owner of Precious Wee Piggies!  And I am excited to see what she can do with a ballerina’s toes!  She has been so kind and patient through this whole process and I am delighted to showcase her baby girl!  I cannot wait to work with her in the future!   I think I need my babies’ feet cast!  🙂


Hugs and Luvs~ Amy


Friday, May 8th, 2009

I totally have to post these lovely photos.  One is for the Artistic Director, Ceylan and the other one is for moi!  I am super in love with one of them.  Can you tell which one it is?  hahaha


Hugs and Luvs~Amy

Sneaky Peaky : Meet DSPA’s STARS!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

We have been so busy that we are starting to dig out of all of our big projects FINALLY.  We shot DSPA’s recital individual and team shots recently.  The girls so rocked it.  Ceylan Gentilella, the director always picks out the most awesome costumes that just fit the personality of the girl and the passion of the dance.  Well, and there is something to be said about proper technique…. :o)

I know she has been really sick at home watching my blog every day, every hour, every minute to see her sneaky peeks, so I wanted to please her since I know she is not feeling the best.  (Cey you can repay me later by NOT getting me sick!  hahaha)

Anyone interested in a wonderful dance program feel free to check them out: My kids go there… they LOVE it!


Hugs and Luvs~Amy