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Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

What is Augmented Reality?  Augmented Reality (AR) is an indirect or direct live view of an existing real world environment.  It is filled with amplified computer generated perceptual information.  It is cutting edge technology that superimposes computer generated images into the real world view in order to provide a composite view.  AR technology enhances many aspects of efficiency for the manufacturing industry.  Aside from the increased technical opportunities, it can assist in maintenance and diagnostics, save human resources, reduce costs and physical risk while also providing a valuable tool for training and education.

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With Augmented Reality, a facility can inspect and visualize technical upgrades and modifications without taking great financial risks and prolonged periods of down time. This can be an opportunity for the facility to upgrade equipment while still maintaining general operation.

AR allows companies to maintain, diagnose, and repair equipment without retaining facility specific or professional support staff while still receiving immersive and expert technical assistance.  Technicians will no longer need to travel from one facility to another to assist with maintenance and repairs.  They can collaborate across vast geographical distances to remotely assist and repair equipment.  AR enables smaller companies to utilize expert technicians while not having them on staff and decreases the general cost of maintenance and repair to ultimately increase the efficiency of the facility.

Video example:

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Technicians with extensive training are able to communicate with and remotely access or advise newer technicians with real time problems without the added costs of travel and time.  AR enables the technicians to use real time information without relying on outdated manuals.  This allows them to work more effectively and efficiently to repair and maintain equipment.  Repairs and maintenance can be visualized in live view with hands on experience and training as if the expert is walking the technician through the process in person.  It can assist technicians with complex assembly of manufactured goods in real time without the use of outdated static documents that are not easily or efficiently updated.  This technology enables the technician to be up to date on changes or upgrades in the facility in addition to the particular item being manufactured.

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The future of Augmented Reality goes far beyond entertainment value.  Millions of users experienced the basic idea of AR with the introduction of the application, Pokémon Go in July of 2016 by enabling anyone with a smart phone to download it free from Nintendo.  This location based app utilized GPS to enable the user to locate, capture, battle and train the Pokémon characters virtually as if they were in the same real time and physical space as the player.

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As Augmented Reality continues to develop and become more accessible, the manufacturing industry will become more efficient and the capacity in which it functions will increase exponentially.  Because AR gives people the ability to receive contextually relevant information almost immediately and automatically, the technology will continue to be in great demand in other industries as well.




Saturday, October 8th, 2016

I FINALLY have my blog back up and running.  It may take me some time to get into the habit of posting again, but I am so excited to try.  I cannot tell you how much I have missed this and I think it will be an uplifting thing for me to maintain.  (Let’s hope I keep this momentum!)

Here is the updated business info… as I am trying to update the blog!



the Easter Bunny is here!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010


Amy Jamieson Photography Certified Professional Photographer | Maricopa’s Professional Family and Professional Portrait  Photographer




Welcome Master [H] and [R]!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010


Amy Jamieson Photography Certified Professional Photographer | Maricopa’s Professional Family and Professional Portrait  Photographer


These two little furry men were just making me laugh!  I used to have the sweetest little beagle named Rusty.  And ever since then I have wanted to have another little beagle.  One day when we have the time and the patience maybe we will get one!

How can you not want to hug and kiss these little pups?  Henry and Remington were so well behaved and cute



Hugs and Luvs~Amy