And the results are in!

THIS year is the best ginger bread house EVER! With the collaborative efforts of three head chefs (all under 5 feet tall) and a VERY old box containing a gingerbread house and frosting we have made the finest house ever made by man! The frosting set really fast (which could be due to the age of the gingerbread house kit ….hahaha) and the kids were in a mad dash to add candies before it dried. We had so many candies this year (probably due to the fact that they were so old I told them they would make them sick if they ate them!) that I had to add frosting as they decorated because they were running out of places to stick them! I think this is the first year I only assembled it and let them do the rest!
Gracie made the little house all by herself at preschool this year! What a bunch of happy kids!

So now we have cookies ready for Santa, a gingerbread house made and drying, and three little monkey heads ready for bed!

Merry Christmas from us to yours!

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