Sneak Peek [Little S]!

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Oh my!  It has been such a crazy week!  We have been swamped with cleaning out harddrives, cleaning up after the massive storms and rain we have had, and trying to get ahead of ourselves because we have been given the opportunity to provide the photos for the Maricopa High School yearbook for class of 2011.  This will be our fifth year of service with MHS and we are very excited.  Even though we are starting late due to the bidding process we will be jumping in aggressively and getting them done quickly.

We have been really aggressive with our blog in the past but we have really started to utilize Facebook more and more.    I know it is a shame but I still want to try to keep up with my fellow blog stalkers!

This little handsome man is the happy family’s 2nd boy!  Momma says he is just a dream boat and is always content and happy!  Mom and dad are old pros now when it comes to taking care of this little man and I am sure big brother is very excited to have a little one to play with soon!    E’man will be a great big brother!  I can see it now!





Tootles! Amy


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