Sneaky Peaky : Meet the *P* Family!

Amy Jamieson Photography | Maricopa’s Professional Family and Portrait  Photographer

One of my bestest sweetest families!  Hahah  Our families ironically go way back from California and we all ended up here.  AMAZING how small the world is if you just stop to listen and see!  This little guy has hit the three month milestone and I cannot get over how much he looks like his cousin!  SHOCKING!  hahah  I wanna kiss his little ears!

Uhmm can you just see how cute these boys are?  Hello!  Big brother … I just wanna squish him!  I have been shooting him since he was an infant!  LOVE him!



Hugs and Luvs~Amy


2 Responses to “Sneaky Peaky : Meet the *P* Family!”

  1. Andrea says:

    My kids have the cutest cousins! Their aunt and uncle aren’t bad either. 🙂 Love the pics!

  2. Auntie Cherene says:

    I just LOVE my little nephews. Well, mom and dad too but the boys are the best!

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