Spring Break

Since it is Spring Break here in Tukee, the hubs and I took the week off to spend with the children.  The boy is working more hours (don’t blame him) and we are spending time with the girls doing odds and ends.  They grow up so fast.  It is simply crazy.

After spending an amazing day with the girls… we came home and made some pretty awesome softball bows.  We watched the movie Wonder Woman and then sent the girls to bed.  Practice starts up again tomorrow.  Time to get busy again.

Tomorrow is an exciting day.  I get to get busy learning about some new things and finally putting my writing skills back to the test.  I feel like without having the opportunity to market for my business like I used to, I have been becoming quite rusty… and it is time for a change.

I cannot wait.  I hope you all really enjoy spring break with your children… we certainly are!



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