A sport I do not even play…

It is pretty funny that I have spent so many years playing tennis and not shooting it as much as I have shot softball.  But, I LOVE it.  Twice I have been blessed enough to visit Xavier High School (one a freshman game with Annie last year and a varsity game with her this year…) and it is amazing to shoot there.  The lighting has been perfect on both days and I have had the luck of the weather.  I love these girls.  They have so much heart and so much talent.  I pray for them every game.

Ann had called me during the day and told me that she was so excited because she offered to catch for the Frosh and JV team games yesterday.  She was so excited to play with both teams in back to back games!  As I was starting to leave to go to the home game, I got a phone call from her again as she was picked up off the JV field and rushed to the locker room on the back of a golf cart to get a Varsity jersey so she could make the bus for their away game at Xavier.  Ann did not really understand what was going on.  But, in true Ann fashion, she was onboard and would do anything for the team.

As I am chimping during the game, I am thinking that I cannot wait to get home and cull through these images.  Ann was blessed to be able to ride along and play with the varsity team today and it was a great experience and opportunity to learn.  I am so proud of her and how she handled the stress.  I am proud of her and the girls.  I am also so proud of the integrity of our coaches.  When a situation turned negative our coaches kept their cool and did not respond in kind.  They showed our girls that responses can be made without being derogatory and unkind.


And of course I have to share one photo of my middle…

I hope you all have a blessed day!


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