Finding Energy…

I am sitting here typing this feeling exhausted.  When I get started on a project, I try to see it through quickly and efficiently.  I worked and pushed myself through all of the (thousands) softball photos and am now quite tired because of the hours I spent editing.  My back and neck have held up surprisingly well.  A lot of hours in excess in front of the computer…can be deadly.  Rest is near!  Volleyball season is over and I have a feeling that even though Andi is an awesome volleyball player, this was our last season.  She really wants to focus on her viola and theater next year in high school, and I know that is where her passion is.

I delivered the last of the volleyball photos today and with the end near for distribution of the softball photos, I feel like I should be doing something else… like cleaning my house.  Instead, today, I decided to take a long nap.  I can always clean tomorrow.  Although I miss the studio for all the wonderful things I can do with my camera and in my computer, I do not miss the hours I have kept over the years balancing my studio, school and (most importantly) my family.  I love what I do… I just cannot continue to work the crazy hours and 0300 bedtimes.

I hope you all have been getting some rest and find peace in your day.  I am going to try to enjoy spring break at home with my kiddos… and maybe get them to help clean!


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